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Sweet D Williams

10 Years +
  • Just before Xmas I decided it was time to lose weight, get fit and start looking after myself. Training with Sweet D is easily the best thing I have done for my fitness goals, and I have enjoyed every minute. He is a great professional trainer and the boxing adds an extra dimension which is really enjoyable and stimulating. Time and time again I am impressed at how much harder I train with Sweet D, than on my own. Sweet D has kept me fit and focused and I always look forward to working out with him. I have recommended him to many friends locally and I would recommend him to anyone. He knows how to get the best out of people and how to get them to achieve their goals. He is professional but fun and friendly and sessions are always varied and entertaining. I love my training sessions and value his advice.
    Andre Long
  • I have been boxing with Derek for over 2 years and found his personal training sessions have resulted in me increasing my aerobic fitness and getting me more toned. The sessions incorporate a variety of training techniques each week which keep the classes challenging and I find them more interesting than weight training or regular exercise classes. The big advantage that sets Derek apart from other trainers is that he was a top professional athlete so he also looks at mental conditioning as well as the exercises to help push you that little bit further.
    Sinead Hyman
    Area Data Admin Coordinator
  • Just wanted to say thanks again for that mantra you gave us. I used it today when I was having a real bad day with my little Autistic boy and at the time it worked so thanks. It just came to me automatically when he was being really difficult and it helped greatly so thanks heaps bro.
  • I found each session structured, fun and always learning and improving my boxing skills and unlike most gym workouts I have a real sense of achievement afterwards’
    George Todd