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S.M.A.S.H Programme

There are a variety of emotions that we can experience, often times they are what drive us. We tend to only resort to a few common emotions, like happy, sad, hurt and angry. How we react to our emotions can determine the outcome and results of our actions and in many circumstances non-actions, Mind-Tec is a confidence and self esteem building program that has been developed by former boxing champion, Derek ‘Sweet D’ Williams

Derek ‘Sweet D’ Williams arouse from being a shy and very quiet young boy, to become one of Britain’s most talented heavyweight boxers, becoming Commonwealth and European heavyweight boxing champion, ranked number 1 in the country and a top 10 world ranked boxer.Derek has been a respected guest, voice of sport on Sky Sports Television.Trained in integrative-humanistic tradition, he has been the driving force behind a number of leading contenders and champions on the professional boxing scene.He has worked closely with senior management from the corporate world, including Deutsche Bank, Nomura Bank International and UBS Financial Services to name a few, developing individuals and team confidence.

Derek is Chairman of The Pedro Club in Hackney, East London where he works closely with a dedicated team including former British Middleweight Champion James Cook MBE, where they support young people towards working high achievement.

With years of experience in public speaking, Derek gives a dynamic delivery to audiences where his S.M.A.S.H Program is a favourite, giving a clear view in the keys to success and the map to eliminating failure, his motivating talks leaves them fueled with energy, boosting the desire to succeed in their given industries and achieving their full potential.

Derek’s route to success, is that he understands, having been through the process of turning his lack of confidence into becoming a very popular and confident personality, he is able to relate to the feeling of panic, which places him in a unique position to present these talks/workshops.

With the S.M.A.S.H Program, individuals learn to recognise the emotions that is attached to their feelings of negativity, fear and doubt, from there, they work on building the confidence and self esteem.

Mind-Tec is useful in a lot of areas, it helps the unemployed who have been out of work for any period of time and have a low self worth, students, corporations, individuals, ex-offenders.

When the feeling of doubt sets into the mind set, it paves the way for an array of other negative thoughts to follow. The process of changing those thoughts is a technique that the successful do sub-consciously, once the doubt is under control, you are able to progress with a zest.

Maintaining a positive outlook, never give up attitude.

Along with the Mind-Tec program, John Williams brings with him, a wealth of experience, he works with the mentoring aspect to lead, guide and counsel teams and individuals.With over 10 years experience in mentoring, he has worked within a number of schools and pupil referral units and also youths from Kenbury, Sherborne and Urban Academy.He is respected across the entire spectrum as one who gets results and with a very warm and welcoming personality, clients are keen to continue working with him, even after their course has been completed.We also work closely with Education Practitioner Diane Fenton who is renowned for her tireless work to improve the education lifestyle of challenged teenagers.

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