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Talented Team

I am excited about the talented new team that I am building and the bright future that lays ahead. Jonathan Palata is my new heavyweight signing, he has an amazing amateur resume with a stream of knockouts and has won the respected Haringey Box Cup. He will be making his professional debut at the end of the summer after the rigorous strength and conditioning programme he is undergoing in preparation to join the heavyweight contenders.

Samuel Antwi is my light middleweight, already making a name on the professional scene with his 5 fights undefeated, he is a consummate professional with good ring generalship, you will see him boxing for a major title within the next 12 – 18 months.

Then of course my welterweight Hannah Rankin who is not only rankin’ by name but by nature, she joined the professional world of boxing by beating the European number 7 in her first paid contest.

So stay focused as these talented combatants move up the boxing ratings.

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